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Welcome to eien_no_memory, a place which can be concidered as a ficdrop spot of me, burn1ngcha0s (formerly known as mizusu_chan)
I dropped the previous writing journal for both personal reasons and it was becoming a burden I no longer wanted to have.

Feel free to look around. Like before, I'll be dividing everything by band, pairing, rating etc. If you're looking for something specific, see the tags-list.

All entries are open to the public. The benefit of joining, however, is that only members can have more say in things I write - by making fic requests if I open such a post.
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I'm not dependant on comments, but feedback is nice. Whether it's only a simple "I read it", it's encouraging me to keep on pushing my imagination. After all, who am I writing for other than to the general public that you are?

Sometimes, I also take up fic requests. But not all the time.
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SPECIAL CHALLENGE: Paranormal 100 table from and to paranormal25

1.Séance 2.Ouija Board 3.Mothman 4.Incubus/ Succubus 5.Exorcism
6.Posession 7.Haunting 8.Necromancer 9.Crisis Apparition 10.Phantom Hitchhiker
11.Radiant Boys 12.Hell 13.Medium 14.Automatic Writing 15.Doppelganger
16.Amulet 17.Amityville 18.EVP/DVP/RVP 19.Famous Haunted Location 20.Retrocognition
21.Cemetery/ Mausoleum 22.Near-Death Experience 23.Psychokinesis 24.Adept 25.Pyrokinesis
26.Poltergeist 27.Haunted Prison 28.Banshee 29.Screaming Skull 30.Ghost Lights
31.Oracle 32.Collective Apparition 33.Gray Lady 34.Astral Projection/ OBE 35.Thoughtography
36.Other Haunted Location 37.Fairy Tale 38.Dragon 39.Apport/ Asport 40.Channeling
41.Control/ Spirit Guide 42.Skinwalker 43.Direct Writing 44.Drop-in Communicator 45.Ghost Hunt
46.EMF Meter 47.Reciprocal Apparition 48.Angels 49.Demons 50.Wild Hunt
51.Halloween 52.Tarot Cards 53.Ritual 54.Incantation 55.Apocalypse
56.Monolith/ Megalith 57.Ark of the Covenant 58.Werewolf 59.Afterworld 60.Grimoire
61.Atlantis 62.Ghoul 63.Bermuda Triangle 64.Ganzfield Stimulation 65.Black Magic
66.Fortean Rain 67.Charm 68.Stigmata 69.Evil Eye 70.Chichevache
71.Precognition 72.Chupacabra 73.Curse 74.Clairvoyance 75.Divination
76.Death Prayer 77.Mermaid 78.Demonology 79.Omen 80.Poppet
81.Closet/ Under the Bed Monster 82.Psychometry 83.Revenant 84.Quantum Mechanics 85.Lake Monster/ Loch Ness
86.Zodiac 87.Famous Paranormal Case 88.Rappings 89.Shrine 90.Runes
91.Cult 92.Pareidolia 93.Windshield Pitting Epidemic 94.Fugue State 95.Imaginary Companion
96.Writer's Choice: Metachoric Experience 97.Writer's Choice: Vampire 98.Writer's Choice: Gaki 99.Writer's Choice 100.Writer's Choice