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11 June 2009 @ 10:30 pm
F.E.A.R // RukixUruha  
Title: F.E.A.R.
Chapters: 1/1
Author: burn1ngcha0s
Genre: AU, paranormal, horror
Warnings: blood, gore, character death
Rating: NC-17 for some graphical scenes
Pairings/Characters: implied RukixUruha
Synopsis: The only thing there was, all around him, smothering him, was darkness.
Disclaimer: I only claim rights to the story

Darkness. Nothing but darkness. Waking up, he blinked his eyes several times before realising that everything around him was buried in darkness. Even when his eyes got used to the lack of light, there seemed to be nothing else but darkness surrounding him.

Suddenly fear enrolled on him, making him feel paralyzed by it. He was cold from lying on the concrete wall for what seemed like a long time, judging by the numbness in his limbs. Feeling angry at himself, he wiped away the hint of a tear from the corner of his eye. No fear, he told himself. It's just the dark, nothing more.

Feeling somewhat better, he managed to lift his upper body but failed at standing up. Apparently, his feet were not working properly. After catching his breath, he tried again but a sharp pain pierced through his legs, making him gasp and grit his teeth. Biting his lip, he managed to drag his body up and through the dark until he met a wall. Sagging down from the exhaustion, his mind worked on an overflow to evaluate the whole situation he was in, and importantly - how he had gotten there, where ever this "there" was. What had he been doing before? His mind was as blank as a board. Without even realizing how tired he was, he fell asleep.

His dreams were rapid and refused to make any sense. He saw his mother, telling a younger version if him to be careful and wise, thoughtful but cautious. The next image showed him getting beaten up by his boyfriend. Ruki kept hitting him, yelling awful insults, until his body had no life in it. The scenery changed again, showing him his 17th birthday in the college. Everyone seemed happily drunk. He hadn't recognized any voiced, but the last image had audio to it. People were singing, silently at first but the sound got louder by the second, eventually forcing him to shut his ears. The sudden silence was like a loud boom. Everything was black again.

His eyes snapped open. Still in the same room, he assumed, but now he could see light emitting from the other side of the room, almost as if calling for him. Getting back up again and stretching his sore limbs, he tried to make as little noise as possible as he made his way to the light.

A dimly-lighted hallway, forcing him to decide which way to go - left or right. His choice seemed to be decided when he spotted a glowing ball on the other end of one of the directions. Gathering his willpower and strength, he picked up his pace to get to the light.

For a moment, he could have sworn he heard harsh breathing behind him, but when he turned around, nothing was there. I'm alone here, there's no way someone could be following me, he told himself and tried to smile to insure himself. The breathing was there again.

You're mine now, someone's ominous voice whispered into his ear. Turning around, he wished he hadn't - countless amount of bodies, piled up, all mutilated in some twisted way. Blood everywhere, covering the walls and even the ceiling. Then he noticed it - he wasn't alone in there.

On the other side of the room was a man, laughing and licking the bloody knife in his hand. You're next, he said, giggling. All the corpses raised their heads and turned their eyes, or empty eye-sockets to him, and opened their mouths to let out a shrilling scream. The noise was getting unbearable so he fell down, blocking his ears not to hear it.

The screams stopped as he felt his throat burning. Looking around, he saw no-one there. It was him who had been screaming all along. Shaking with fear, he knew it now - he had to find an exit to that place and get out of there as soon as possible.

Still shivering from the images, he began looking for the door. Slowly and breathing heavily, he moved next to the walls, nervously checking behind him after every few seconds. What went wrong, he asked himself. His legs were aching like Hell, but he had to keep moving for the sake of his freedom.

Coming across a door, his breath hitched. He pushed his fingers to the small cracks running all over the surface of the door and tried to push, but it didn't even budge. Agai nand again, he tried to make it move but failed. Feeling furious at his helplessness, he slammed his fists against the door and to his astonishment, it moved. Just a little, but even that was something. Gathering all of the strength in his body, he slammed himself against the door, repeatedly. Inch by inch, the door moved until the opening between it and the wall was big enough for him to squeeze himself through.

Another hallway. No windows, no nothing. Nothing but a weird buzzing sound reaching his ears from what seemed quite far away. Still no real light either, just a blinking lightbulb hanging above his head. The image of all those dead bodies was back and making him nauseated.

Come on, it's just a sick dream, he convinced himself while limping in the corridor. A chilly breeze of wind brushed through his hair. That was certainly not what he had expected, but it gave him a hint of hope. He would get out from there.


Wait! What was that?
He turned around, being sure he had heard his name being called, but no-one was there. It's just your mind playing tricks on you. No need to worry, right?

No need, indeed
a dark voice whispered. Now you're here and all mine...

Get out from my mind! You're not real!

I'm more real than you could ever be. You're just a silly lamb on his way to the slaughterhouse. Now we'll see who's gonna leave and who'll not.

He ran. He ran as fast as he could, away from the nightmare everything had turned into. Seeing his old "cell", he stopped and crawled into the room. Even there he could hear that awful laughter and footsteps following him. Maybe I could... He crawled to the door again and pushed until the door fell back to it's original place. Then he stayed perfectly quiet, listening to the sounds coming from the other side. A pair of footsteps passed the door and he almost felt like he had escaped but what he heard next made th blood in his veins freeze.

Come out come out where ever you are, the other teased. He stayed silent, hoping his harsh breathing wouldn't give him away. Then the footsteps moved away. He could hear them going further away until there was no sound but his own fragmentary breathing breaking the quiescence.

I must leave now or I'll be here forever! He moved the door again and peeked outside. As usual, pitch black and silent.

I see you!

NO! Not anymore! Pulling back, his thoughts entered the highway again. It's just my imagination, just my imagination... There was the eerie feeling again. He knew he wasn't alone anymore. Somebody else was in the room with him. Still with his heart beating like crazy, he turned to look behind him.

Next thing he knew, he was on the floor, shaking. He remembered that sight well. Behind him was a pile of corpses, all eyes turned to him and lips smiling an evil smile. You're next, they whispered.

He crawled to the other side of the room, shaking his head in denial and tears running down his face. This... can't... be... real...

But it is, my darling. And now you will become one of my creations. He saw the scalpel aiming for his face and tried to dodge it but tripped behind his own feet, falling over and hitting his head. The last thing his eyes saw was a figure kneeling down to him. We're together now...