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11 June 2009 @ 10:17 pm
Haunted House // ReitaxRuki  
Title: Haunted House
Chapters: 1/1
Author: burn1ngcha0s
Genre: AU, supernatural
Warnings: gore, blood, guts, multiple character death
Rating: NC-17 for graphical disturbing scenes
Pairings/Characters: implied ReitaxRuki
Synopsis: "I told you this house was haunted and now you're living in it. I wanna leave, let's wake your mom and dad get away from this place!"
Disclaimer: I only claim rights to the story

"Wake up... Reita... WAKE UP ALREADY!" a little boy's whisper echoed on the walls. He was trying to wake his friend who was fast asleep, but finally opened his eyes, giving the other boy angry looks.

"What do you want? Can't you see I was sleeping?" he grunted.

"Akira, I heard something. It came from downstairs. I told you this house was hunted and now you're living in it. I wanna leave, let's wake your mom and dad get away from this place!" the boy whined, pulling his friend out of the bed and towards the door. But the boy who he had adressed as Akira pulled his hand loose and yawned.

"They're not home. We're on our own, kiddo" he yawned again. "And what noises did you hear then?" he asked moving towards the door.

"Wait, don't leave me here alone!" the smaller boy whimpered on the edge of tears. Akira just sighed.

"When will you stop being a scaredycat, Taka? You're almost old enough to date girls but you still get scared after hearing a random cat walking on the street" he asked the small redhead who just gave him an angry look.

"I wasn't dreaming when I heard it. And it couldn't have been a cat either. Cats don't make those noises!" Ruki stated, anger practically glowing from him. Wearing Reita's pajamas that were too big for him, his hair all messy, and pouting from not being believed, Reita had to admit his small friend was cute. Not that he would dare to say it in Ruki's face...

"Yeah whatever" Reita murmured as he went to the door, Ruki following him close behind. He opened the door and peeked outside. "Nothing" he stated and was closing the door when a low humming was heard outside. Reita's eyes grew wide and he slammed the door. "W-W-what w-was that?" he asked, his heart beating twice as fast as it had beaten a minute ago.

"See, I told you there was something" Ruki beamed happily, knowing he had been right all along.

"Yeah, but you're still an idiot. Makes no difference. Now, what was that sound?" Akira asked himself. "It sounded like a whisper. But maybe mom and dad are home. No, they said they wouldn't be back before noon and it's only 3AM. Ghosts aren't real, neither are zombies and why would they even whisper if they could just attack us? What am I saying? I'm just as bad as Ruki" he sighed. He got up and looked at his little friend who was pouting because of being called him an idiot. "I'm going to check it out, you stay here" he said with sudden burst of self-confidence. Ruki's eyes grew wide and he got up.

"I'm not staying here alone to be eaten by werewolves, I'm coming with you" he faked confidence - the shivers running on his body were impossible not to miss. Reita just stared at the redhead.

"Fine, but if something happens to you I won't take any responsibility for it" he said and opened the door again. They slipped outside and listened to the noises but nothing was heard. It was like someone had pressed the 'mute' button somewhere. They held their breaths as they reached the staircase and peeked down. Again, nothing. Suddenly a window flew open, revealing an incredibly ugly painting which pictured an old teethless woman running around in circles with a pitchfork. It was almost alive and her cackling was heard all over the house. The boys screamed and ran away from the painting, hiding in a broom closet until all quieted down and silence fell down on the house once more. After what seemed like forever, Reita opened the door and peeked outside.

"The coast is clear" he whispered and crawled out from the tiny space he had been pressed into. The continued their way downstairs, nervously listening to every sound ready to run back and hide.

"I'm gonna check up on your mom" Ruki suddenly said with a blank look in his eyes and started walking towards Reita's parents bedroom.

"No, don't! They're not here!" Reita forcefully suggested, pulling Ruki back. Ruki shook his head, blinking his eyes and looked at Reita with terror. Suddenly he freaked out and pulled his hand away from the elder's hold, running away, screaming.

"RUKI! Wait! Where are you going? Get back here!" Reita shouted but the redhead was already gone. "Great, I'll be in so much trouble if I let him run around like that," he sighed and began walking towards the direction Ruki had run to. Suddenly he froze. He couldn't move his legs as if they were glued to the floor. He yelped in despair as a dark figure began to take form right in front of him. It had glowing red eyes and seemingly sharp fangs that every vampire would have been jealous of. Reita tried to scream and struggle free but nothing helped.

"I won't hurt you" the shadowy figure slowly said. Actually, the voice came from all around Reita, everywhere and nowhere at the same time. "You want your little one back safely, don't you?"

"Stay away from him! I swear if something happens to him I'll-" he started to yell but was cut off.

"Shut up. It's not me who has him now. It's her you should be worried about" the voice continued. "She likes to tease and play with her pray. Believe me, you wouldn't want to be a witness to her games."

"Who's 'she'?" Reita asked suspiciously. He might have been young but knew enough not to trust talking shadows.

"She's the daughter of all evil" the shadow whispered as if afraid. "She's the incarnation of Lucifer, the definition of hurt, the spawn of dispare and mother of misery. Do you want your precious chibi back or not?"

"Of course I do" Reita shouted in anger. "Let go of me, I'll get him back"

"Do you really think it's that simple?" the shadow laughed. "I thought you'd be smarter than the others, but I guess I was proved wrong again. My bad."

"What others? Are you saying there are more people here?" Akira demanded, shocked to hear there were other kids trapped somewhere in the building.

"Yes, that's what I said. See, she is a collector. She collects them and plays with them until she gets bored. Then the blood starts flowing and there's lots of it" the shadow began to move away.

"Wait! Where are you going?" Reita called to the shadow. It stopped and turned around, it's eyes were glowing even redder than they had a minute before.

"She'll soon be onto us. Now make a fast decision - do you want your small one back? You'll need my help in the progress, though" it whispered.

"It was you humming, weren't you? It's your fault he's lost in the first place" Reita yelled and tried to hit the figure. It dodged the attack and he was frozen to the floor again.

"Violence only gets you so far" the shadow said and snapped its fingers twice. A doorway appeared out of nowhere. "That's the backdoor to her domain, the basement. You have to go through there. But there's a monster guarding the way. You'll have to defeat it to get to your beloved." And with that, a dagger was thrown to Reita. "You'll need that. It's the only way to see him again" it said and Reita could move again.

"Fine, but don't think I'm doing this for you" he sulked and entered the door. As soon as he entered the door behind him closed and disappeared. He was now in a dark hallway. The end seemed far away as he walked ahead trying not to make too much noise. Soon a doorway was seen. He opened the door and stepped inside. The sight made his stomach turn - there, on the table was a body, all cut open, bones twisted in insane angles and blood dripping onto the floor but it was still alive and moving a little.

"Aki..." the body of a certain redhead spoke and Reita fell over from the terror. That was too much for him and he moved back a little, grouched and puked into the corner.

"Akira..." the body spoke again. "Help me..."

"What can I do?" Reita asked, fighting the urge to puke again.

"Find the monster. Kill it. That's the only way..." Ruki's body spoke and coughed, trying to get a hold of Reita's hand but the latter jerked away.

"I will. I promise" Reita said and turned to leave. The door shut silently behind him as he stomped off, looking for his enemy.

He felt like he had been walking in those corridors foor hours and was about to start shouting when a growl was heard behind him. He quickly turned around. The sight he saw was disgusting - the creature had horns and scales on his back - Reita assumed it was a he - and long claws. He was covered with blood and howled when he saw Reita there. Then it attacked.

The fight was short. Reita didn't know what to think as the monster attached him. The only thought stammering in his head was saving Ruki. And for that to happen, he had to fight this monster and win. There was no other way. He crouched under the attack and slashed the dagger into the creature's stomach. It howled in pain and shot foward his massive claws, piercing Reita's leg. Blood was sprayed on the walls as Reita fell, but he couldn't stop now. Getting up and trying not to put too much pressure on his broken leg, he made another attack and aimed for the creature's face. His missed his target and was thrown across the hallway. A wall stopped his flying through the air and with a grunt of pain, he forched himself to get back up again.

"This is all I have left" he panted, trying not to pass out from the loss of blood. Both him and the monster stared at each other for a second before they attacked the other at the same time. Another amount of blood was splashed on the wall and they both fell.

"I'm sorry, Ru, I was unable to save you" Reita whispered and coughed blood. He was dying. Feeling the cold taking over his blood-covered body, his eyes closed.

His opponent was also dying. Blood dripped from Ruki's mouth as he clunched his fists. "Forgive me, Aki-chan, for running away like that and leaving you there" he whispered as cold took over his body and his eyes glared into the nothingness.

A laughter was heard throughout the house. It cackled, leaning over the bodies of the two boys.

"They always fall for the same trick."
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