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13 May 2011 @ 01:20 am
From father to daughter // Gin, Orihime  
Title: From father to daughter
Chapters: 1/1
Author: burn1ngcha0s
Genre: AU/general
Warnings: n/a
Rating: G
Fandom: Bleach
Pairing/Characters: Gin, Orihime
Synopsis: Orihime's growing up so fast that Gin finds himself wondering when did the time flew by. As she's nearing puberty, there's very little he can do now for his little girl.
Disclaimer: Bleach belongs to Kubo Tite, I only claim rights to the story
Comments: This came out from a meme where I joked about the pairing, saying it'd never work for me. Well, this is a special occasion and probably the ONLY way I could ever accept the pair.

It was amazing just how fast time flew by. He'd taken her under his wing almost a decade ago when she was still a young thing, eyes bright but saddened by her brother's death. Alone at first, she had clung onto Gin's leg when he left for work, sobbing for him not to leave her and coming home, he'd found her playing with her toys. Becoming more social, she had found new friends and played with them instead. During their dinners, he's listen to her happily chattering away about who she met and what they did during the day.

It all seemed like yesterday.

Now she was growing up, soon maturing into a young woman, and while Gin knew it would happen one day, he honestly hadn't expected it to happen so soon.

Their dinners together were still there, but now, he found her talking about much more different things. There she was, still spurting out a la 38 words per second and not even noticing how she lost track of what she was about to say while speaking about over five things at the same time and he simply listened, nodding at some parts. He had, after all, years of practice in keeping up with the girl and her antics.

He had allowed her to have her 9th birthday party at their apartment and promised to stay away and let her be with her friends in peace if they didn't burn the house down. She was a good girl and he trusted her.

Much later, driving her to school, he noticed how flustered and nervous she got as they approached the school building. During their dinner, he heard how some people were picking on her when a boy stood out for her and kicked the bullies’ asses. ’Kurosaki-kun,’ she muttered after he pried on the name of her protector. The name was familiar, and after giving it some thought, Gin remembered it belonging to a family who owned a home clinic less than a block away from them. The issue resolved, things went back to normal.

It was only a year's end later when he had to witness the girl asking him something he hadn't expected, blush dusting her cheeks a light shade of pink.

„Can I please go to Kurosaki-kun's birthday party?“

Sure, he had said, but wanted to refuse right away when it turned out it was an all-nighter.

„But everyone else is there, Tatsuki and Rukia and Ishida and...“

He'd allowed her to go as soon as he noticed the forming tears in the corners of her eyes. He'd even helped her pack her toothbrush and sleeping bag. The car ride to the Kurosaki house had been fairly quiet, and when he watched her merrily skipping to the front door, there was a pang of guilt in his chest for even thinking about refusing her plea.

Who was he to deny the girl anything she wanted, after all.

The following day, when she had returned with the Kurosaki boy bringing her home on his bike, he'd observed the two interact from behind the corner. It was wrong of him to spy on the girl he loved more than life and yes, he was feeling guilty, but he couldn't stop himself from trying to look out for her. Or, that's what he convinced himself he was doing.

It was rather obvious she liked the boy. The sparkle in her eyes, not knowing where to put her hands and the way she sometimes stumbled on words when speaking... Gin had already went through all of what puberty did to a person so he just knew.

The boy, however, seemed completely oblivious to her subtle advances and Gin found himself wanting to chuckle. Girls really did develop and mature much faster than boys.

When she entered the apartment, he started casual chatting and soon, found himself completely soaked in her overview of what they did during the party, how Ichigo's dad got knocked down the stairs (by accident, of course), a huge birthday cake, all the games they played and so much more. Also, how the boy had brought her home on the bike that he had gotten from his father as a gift to be safe to which Gin felt his lip twitch.

There was only so much he could do before she grew up once and for all.

So, a few days later, he dropped by a store near where he worked.

„Hime,“ he called after dragging the thing upstairs. A rustle and the girl appeared from the kitchen.

„Yes, daddy?“ Eyes wide, she watched as her step-dad stepped out of the way to reveal a medium sized red bike. „For... me?“ At the nod, she ran the steps and hugged the man. „Thank you, daddy!“

Gently, he peeled her off from his waist. „Don't you want to try it? I had it put together just for that, you know.“ A gasp, and half a minute later, he was on his way down again, the bike under his arm and a bouncing Orihime behind him. Setting the bike down, he waited as the enthusiasm in the girl had mysteriously disappeared and looking down at the ground, she made no attempt to ride it.

„Well, get on. I'll push you and make sure you won't fall,“ he assured the girl who nodded but still stood as if pinned to the ground. „Hime?“

„I... . I don't know how.“ Her eyes locked onto Gin's. „Show me first, okay?“

Shifting on his spot, Gin wanted to refuse but got on the bike. Glaring at the thing, he sighed and got off again. „It’s too small for me, you're on your own, kiddo. Besides...“

He knew he shouldn't have added the last part when Orihime's lips curled into a curious smile. Gathering her courage, she approached the bike again and turned towards Gin. „Besides?“

„Well, I... um... I've never ridden a bike,“ he muttered lowly, hoping the girl didn't catch it but the hope died as she launched into a bright, bubbly laughter.

„Oh, daddy!“
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