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Counter-productivity of rainy days // feat. Kouki, Hikaru

Title: Counter-productivity of rainy days
Chapters: 1/1
Author: burn1ngcha0s
Genre: general
Warnings: n/a
Rating: G
Band/Artist: ダウト/D=OUT
Pairing/Characters: Kouki, Hikaru
Synopsis: Rainy days are not for everyone. Sometimes, though, just sometimes, they're not as counterproductive as generally assumed.
Word count: 1,513
Disclaimer: I only claim rights to the story
Comments: Tried to do prompt-writing, this is what came out.

He was getting desperate; after trying just about everything, that shrimp of a prude had denied all of the advances every single time he'd try to impress the shorter.

He'd tried to treat Hikaru to lunch but overdid it once the food arrived to the table. He was hungry, he said in his defense when someone asked, and pouted. Simply put, he'd forgotten how neat and correct Hikaru would be with table manners,and the look of disgust on the man's face was enough for him not to even try suggest repeating the outing. It surely wasn't his fault he loved cake, was it?

He'd tried sending the shorty flowers. Anonymously, of course. That was another thing he'd not try again. Hikaru had liked the flowers at first. But when his face swelled up like an angry, firetruck-red balloon, he was only grateful he hadn't signed his name on the card. Later, it turned out Hikaru was extremely allergic to pollen. Who the Hell is "extremely allergic" these days anyway? Besides, don't they carry masks and allergy medicine around anyway, if they're that allergic? The tulips he sent were removed from the office in no time and when he passed the dumpsters behind the building, he could only glare at the flowers, half past dried but defiantly glaring back in their vibrant glory from between the dumpster lid.

Being a man of talents, he had sent Hikaru poems. Love poems. Beautiful, deep love poems. He really should have thought about how adding cartoon characters in the mix screamed out BAD IDEA! before... Needless to say, Hikaru was far from impressed.

He asked Ibuki to join him to seek for a new wardrobe in hopes that maybe it was his clothing style Hikaru didn't like. After spending hours and hours in dressing cubicles in a countless number of clothes' stores (and heavily bored and annoyed Ibuki) later, he'd gone through his new clothes, sure he would impress the shorty with his new style. In the end he'd still pulled on his old, silver boots that did everything but mix with the rest of his outfit. Not to mention the little fact that he had almost tripped on one of the belt accessories when coming down the stairs. In truth, he should have been happy he wasn't confused with a colorful birthday cake, or that his leg wasn't broken and only a bit strained.

And of course, who could forget the last Valentine's Day when he had bought the object of his affection the biggest (and pinkest) box of chocolate candy he found? The look on Hikaru's face was first blank, then shocked after learning it was for him, and after hearing who sent it, lips pressed into a tight line, downright pissed off, anger barely contained, as he had to haul the monstrosity of a candy box home at the end of the day.

Sitting in his bedroom, Kouki frowned. He was far from pleased. Whatever he did, it never really came out as right as it should have been. Failure after failure, he was at the end of his rope, inches away from really starting to pull his hair from frustration. Either Hikaru was the biggest prude he'd ever seen in his lifetime or the man really didn't like him the least. Kouki had thoughts about calling the man and asking about it, but ditched the idea – he'd already made himself a fool a hundred times. Also, Hikaru wouldn't probably even talk to him for a long time if he called him three in the morning.

Maybe he should at least try to get his head back on his shoulders and rethink the whole crushing-on-Hikaru thing. Or at least, give the man some space.

With a sigh he got up and pulled on his coat and boots. It was still chilly outside and spring had apparently decided to arrive a bit late this year. It was raining quite often, too. Grabbing his old, worn-out umbrella, he trekked down the stairs and stepped outside.

He didn't really fancy the cold, but walks were something he enjoyed. Some people took lone walks to think about things or forget them, but he liked to walk aimlessly, always curious where would the road lead him to next. Avoiding the main streets and crowds of people, he chose a slow pace, enjoying his surroundings. When the rain clouds broke loose, hoping to drench everyone underneath, he pressed the little button on the umbrella handle and avoiding the forming puddles, continued his way like nothing happened.

A bump to his chest and a huff brought his attention back and looking down, a mess of wet, blond hair met his vision. A grunt of apology and the said mess of hair moved away, running from the rain. Smiling to himself, he shook his head. Rain didn't suit for everyone.

Taking the last turn to another street, he noticed something small coming his way, low grumbling reaching his ears way before he could see the person clearly. His voice forgotten, Kouki watched as someone he knew very well came marching straight in his direction. Unsure whether to address the man, the choice was made for him when a car drove by and splashed water all over the smaller.

So there he was, drenched and dripping, wearing the biggest scowl Kouki had seen.

Forcing down the chuckle tryign to get out, he walked over to the man and carefully stood by his side. „Hey.“

Looking up from his ruined coat, Hikaru frowned and for a moment, it seemed he was unsure whether to run or stay. But after a sigh, he chose the latter and glaring up at the taller, let out a huff. „I hate the rain.“

„You look like a drowned cat.“ As much as he tried, the smaller, completely drenched, looked like an unpleased feline. The way he glared, eyes narrowed, gave even more to the "soaked cat" description.

„Don't start,“ a growl of a reply was all he got, and offering his umbrella's protection against the water as a peace offering, Kouki was only relieved when the offer was accepted and walking in silence, the silence was not an uncomfortable one.

„Your umbrella's purple,“ Hikaru pointed out after a few minutes of walking, breaking the silence as he glanced upwards, brow furrowed.

„Well, yeah...“ Kouki trailed off, unsure what to say or whether to reply at all; it was only a simple fact. „I know a coffee shop not far from here,“ he suggested, a second later wondering why he had just said it. Hadn't he decided against pressuring the other mere hours ago? But to his surprise, he got a shrug, and making their way to the said coffee shop, Hikaru didn't seem the least upset.

Hanging their coats and leaving the umbrella to dry at the door, the men found a table, and leaving Hikaru to see whether his coat was still usable after the drenching, Kouki chose to order for the both of them.

„Tea, coffee, cupcake?“ he asked, instantly receiving a distasteful glare.

„I ain't a cupcake,“ Hikaru pressed out, lips tightly shut together in a thin line of disapproval, eyes slitted once more.

„I asked whether you wanted tea or coffee and a cupcake in company,“ Kouki sighed. He didn't even once think of it as the smaller had.

„Oh.“ Casting his eyes downwards, Hikaru seemed somewhat embarrassed about his mistake. „Tea, I guess. No cupcake.“

„Alright.“ Leaving the smaller to his own devices while he made a beeline to the register to place an order, Kouki felt smug – for once, he didn't feel like smacking himself in the face for screwing something up, again. Returning with two cups, he didn't start chattering like usual, instead keeping quiet and watching Hikaru meddle with his coat and every now and then, taking a sip from his cup. „Your tea's getting cold,“ he finally pointed out after a while.

Leaving his coat be, Hikaru sighed and took a tentative sip. „It's okay,“ he muttered, „kind of bland but okay.“ Looking outside, mind elsewhere, he finished his cup. It was still raining hard. „How much?“


„How much do I owe you? For the tea?“



„We're friends, right? I can treat a friend out for tea, can't I?“

„Sure... I suppose.“

The peaceful, undisturbed, comfortable silence ensued. Getting up to buy another round of tea, this time with the cupcakes, Kouki didn't press on and Hikaru seemed to relax. Idle, unrelated musings being the only things exchanged between the two, the atmosphere was at ease. Outside, without the two really noticing even though they observed the street from the window, the rain eventually stopped. They were free to leave.

Neither made an attempt to get up and run away.

„This,“ Hikaru started in thought, taking a bite from his cupcake, „is actually quite nice.“

„Yeah,“ Kouki nodded, absentmindedly. Even though unplanned, going slow was a good start and Hell be damned if he wasn't grinning inside.

Rainy days weren't always as counterproductive as initially assumed.
Tags: !band/artist: d=out, *rating: g, -genre: general, =type: oneshot, ~fandom: j-rock
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