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14 February 2011 @ 01:31 am
Blood Moon // Ciel x Sebastian  
Title: Blood Moon
Chapters: 1/1
Author: burn1ngcha0s
Genre: AU
Warnings: abuse
Rating: PG
Fandom: Kuroshitsuji
Pairing/Characters: Ciel x Sebastian
Synopsis: Ciel being reborn as a demon had its' consequences.
Disclaimer: I only claim rights to the story
Comments: Another day, another dive into a new fandom. This takes place after the happenings in season 2 of the anime.

He waited.

It had been an order, so, in eerie silence, he patiently waited.

When his Master finally returned, he kept his gaze on the ground. His eyes were blindfolded, but he knew better to even lift his head.

„So, Sebastian,“ Ciel's voice sounded almost amused. „Why didn't you wake me?“

Sebastian said nothing. It wouldnt've mattered anyway as he was gagged. So instead, he only kept his gaze down.

Ciel had changed. He had changed drastically. He had changed so much, in fact, that the demon no longer saw the boy as a kid anymore. Instead, there was a red-eyed demon boy in front of him, smiling a sadistic smile like he always did while moving people like chess pieces in his game. Sometimes, Sebastian truly admired the cold determination and commitment his Young Master showed; sometimes he despised how soft Ciel would be when it came to worthless, trashy people that might get hurt when Sebastian fought. After all, he had fought for Ciel only.

His blindfold was roughly pulled away, tearing out some hair in the process. „Look at me,“ Ciel ordered, and feeling the familiar tingle running through him, Sebastian complied. For the briefest second, he locked eyes with the Earl; red staring into red.

It was like staring into the abyss of blood. Ciel could change the color of his eyes by will, and this time, the red shone back a sadistic glint. Sebastian had already learned what each color meant and how they changed with each mood, and Ciel's natural blue had become a rarity. The last time he had seen the blue...

Looking down at the demon at his feet, Ciel smirked. „You're a lousy butler,“ he drawled out, bringing out a whip from under his robes. „And I simply cannot have that, Sebastian. You ought to know that already.“ The first whip lash sounded in the small, make-shift cell.

Sebastian never once made a sound. Not even the smallest of gasps made it through his lips, ever. His once stainless suit was dirty, crumpled, partially torn and covered with cuts when the whip tore through the fabric. On his back, there were dozens of wounds that never healed, always torn open again and bleeding when the whipping began. His hair had grown so much longer that it was casting a black curtain on his eyes. His eyes were so used to the darkness that they hurt when Ciel entered the cell, the light coming from doorway blinding him.

He could have left, and at the same time, he couldn't.

The contract was still as solid as ever. He still belonged to Ciel until eternity and beyond.

So he obeyed.

He obeyed and never struggled when Ciel whipped him. He allowed Ciel to cut him until he'd pass out from the blood loss. He allowed to be abused in any possible way Ciel made up.

He allowed it all without a complaint or a struggle, but with a hint of an impossible sadness behind his emotionless red eyes.

He always knew turning someone into a demon had its’ cost. Humans were fragile, their minds like the thinnest, carefully crafted porcelain. If it broke, it could never be mended. His soul stolen, Ciel had already been only half a person, part of him unstable; with the violent turn of events, it had cracked completely, and becoming a demon took the rest of the boy.

Even with all of his efforts, all Sebastian could do was watch Ciel gradually losing the last of his sanity, his blood lust taking over completely.

Above him, the whip stopped, and grabbing the former butler by the hair, Ciel leaned closer, slowly licking away the trail of blood that had begun making way down Sebastian's collar bone. Breathing into the demon's ear, Ciel almost purred. „What do you think, Sebastian, would you like me to continue training you how a butler should be?“

And all the raven-haired demon could do was to say „Yes, my lord.“
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