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Tokyo Affair // Rui x Manabu

Title: Tokyo Affair
Chapters: 1/1
Author: burn1ngcha0s
Beta: ejnerminskat
Genre: general, smut
Warnings: sex scene, language
Rating: NC-17
Band(s) involved: SCREW, SuG, ViViD
Wordcount: 10,047
Pairing/Characters: Rui x Manabu, little bit of Ryouga x Reno in the background
Synopsis: He wasn't a virgin, that's for sure. When you're in college, you're bound to see things you normally don't see at home, and it's considered natural. Sometimes, he blushed, though. He didn't bother to label himself with anything, be it a specific group of preference. A normal, relaxed, semi-shy college guy, that's what he was. Some things, though, made him lose it; being even aware of that particular person being nearby, for example.
Disclaimer: I only claim rights to the story

For the most part, Manabu considered himself a stereotypical guy.

He was your average bloke attending college, after all.

Compared to the previous generation, youth was more tolerant and open about things. Open affection? Just as long as you don't have a full make-out sessions in public. Boy-girl study groups? No biggie. Courtship? Been there, done that, twice.

So when his friends gathered at the park near the college grounds to plan for the weekend ahead, Manabu was sitting in the circle, cross-legged and smoking a cigarette like everyone else next to him.

“So,” Reno, sprawled out on the grass, started, “weekend. Any plans?” Getting only a murmur back as a reply, he rolled his eyes. “I’ll take that as a no, then. Yuji?”

Hearing his name, the brunette grunted. “Ask Masato or something. I was kinda busy with my midterm questionnaires 'n stuff. This is college, after all.”

“Did you finish, then?”

“Finish what?”

“The questionnaires, duh.”

“Oh. I did. The professor is evaluating them as we speak.”

“But…” Confusion in Takeru's voice was above apparent. “Questionnaires, as much as I understand, aren't graded, are they?”

Yuji sighed. “It's my personal qualification questionnaire. It's for my achievements ahead, not some random bullshit. I do hope to actually do something with my life, you know.”

“As we all, as we all,” Reno nodded from his spot, and rolling over, got up to a sitting position. “If everyone's so busy, then maybe we just skip this weekend?”

A lot of brain cracking followed the statement. Finally, Yuji slowly shook his head. “Naah, I could manage. Guys?” The rest of the gang nodded, murmuring they'd be able to shift their study plans to a day later. All except one.

“But I have a play on Saturday!” a whine brought everyone's attention to the source of the noise. Pouting, Takeru glared at his friends. “I can't cancel that like nobody's business!” Meeting raised eyebrows, the boy shrunk back, the pout still present before Reno's laughter split the silence. Chuckling, he poked the boy.

“Drama queen,” Reno laughed. “You drama students are so touchy about your stuff, aren't you? I have an offer – we'll pick you up after your show, then. Is that okay?”

“B-but… I promised to meet with the others after the show and go to a pub…” The whine in the young male's voice was still there, this time a bit more hidden, though.

Sighing, Ryouga, who had been quiet all along, rolled his eyes. “So go and hang out with them. There's always next week if you want to come along with us. It's not like some sorry high school…”

The light in Takeru's eyes lit up again. “Really? I mean, really really? Thanks, guys!” And off he was, running towards the campus to what the remaining men assumed was confirming his arrival to the rest of his theater-friends. It wasn't like the other students didn't associate with the drama students, the latter were just a very sensitive and ‘poetic’ crew…

As Takeru skipped off from sight, the group couldn't hold back an amused smile. Yuji, putting his phone away after phoning a friend, openly snorted. “Actors…”

Making their way back to classes after the lunch, the group separated towards their respective lessons. Manabu sat himself down at the large auditorium the literature class was supposed to take place in. Next to him, others soon started arriving, and deciding to pass the time in his own zone, he dug into this bag to find his white iPod. The music surrounding him now, he laid his head down on the desk and closed his eyes. As darkness took over his vision and the music silenced the surrounding commotion, he could think better. Trying to remember the basic sentence structure in one of poems in Latin that he learned years ago, he thought back on his life so far. As much as it was normal and expected from him, he found pieces and fragments of what once were his dreams he had to throw away in order to focus on his education to achieve something. While he admitted he might had wanted to try a different approach, he really didn't complain.

A loud bang of the door flying shut brought him back to reality and as he opened his eyes again, the first thing he saw was a figure rushing towards the lector's podium, the bottom of their coat “flying” behind, due to the hurried steps. A dull thump as a brown suitcase was thrown onto the desk and the figure sighed loudly. In eerie silence, the sigh sounded so loud… The very next second, the coat found its' place in the back on the chair as the male, judging from the haircut and the choice of clothes, finally noticed the quietness and turning around to face an auditorium full of curious looks, awkwardly smiled.

“Err… Good afternoon, everyone. I'm Fujioka Rui. Since Miss Fuyuko had to leave, I’m replacing her classes for now.” Eyes wide, Manabu felt himself twitch on his seat. Taking a step forward, the new lector slightly bowed before straightening up again. “So, Elizabethan literature. Name me what you think is a masterpiece?” As nobody said a thing, the lector frowned. “Aww, come on! Free options, use it! Anyone?” As silence still followed, the lector was just about to say something when a voice behind Manabu spoke.


Throwing a glance over his shoulder, Manabu saw Tora, a senior student who he rarely saw speaking and mostly reading in the campus library. The rumors said the man took extra classes only to fill the gaps he might've missed during his own early years at the college. At the moment, the senior looked at the new lector with a stern ‘we both know I'm right’-look full of determination. Looking down at the latter, Manabu caught a glimpse of a smile.

“Excellent! Shakespeare is the name everyone knows, but let's forget him for now. Give me names! Who other made a name for themselves during that time?” Seemingly excited about the subject, Rui turned around and pointed towards a young male two seats from Manabu, who had to bite his tongue to distract the odd feeling that crept down his spine. “You, with dark hair and glasses, what's your name and who would you call a poet of that time?”

Jerking from the unexpected attention, the man quickly straightened himself. “Yuusei, and I say…” he thought about it for a moment, “Middleton.”

Grinning widely, Rui nodded. “Good choice, but why him?”

Raising an eyebrow at the question, Yuusei let his chin rest on his palm while snorting. “Why not? He wrote some damn good plays and deserves some attention.”

“Lovely! You, with blond hair?” Rui pointed towards another student.

“Yuui, And Fletcher because his works have a quirk in them.”

“Yes!” For someone with wider knowledge, Rui seemed overly excited. “Wonderful examples, really. I, personally, fancy Marlowe. Some say he was the second Shakespeare. Disagree or agree, I believe he was a very influential man. Shame, that he got killed at such young age. Now, why don't we-“

“Marlowe, as in the spy for the government?” Manabu leaned forward on his seat, eying the lector with a sudden burst of aggression in his features. He didn't like the author at all, barely managing to listen to people speaking about him without breaking into the conversation. Marlowe was a lying, cheating bastard, even though he wrote well. “And before you ask, I'm Manabu.”

Slightly taken back by the accusations, Rui's attention focused on the rebellious youth. “Innocent until proven guilty, my dear Manabu. Nothing's been officially proven.”

“Yet.” It was an obvious dare. Usually, Manabu was quiet and listened but this time, it was like a red flag waved in front of a bull, and in this case, Manabu was the bull. The following broad grin from the lector didn't make things better either.

“Oh? Please do continue; it's been a while since the last time I had a good debate,” Rui chuckled and hopped to take a seat on his desk, eyes sparkling in excitement and leaning forward. “Tell me, Manabu, why do you think Marlowe was as bad as you say he was?”

“One,” Manabu spat out, “he tricked people into believing him so he could report it later to the officials. Two, his death was a lie – the prick faked his murder and took over the name Shakespeare, continuing to live even after his so-called death. Thus, the stabbing was a clever lie to fool the people, and during that time, people were sheep, believing anything they were told be believe. Many people agree with that. Three, his affairs with Elizabeth were a badly hidden secret so the queen, after he came out with a marriage proposal to a commoner, had to get him removed to save her dignity. No matter how you look at it, Marlowe was a bastard.”

Silence ensued after the harsh words. Suddenly, light laughter echoed all over the auditorium as Rui threw his head back, chuckles escaping from the back of his throat. “Oh my,” he shook his head, “what a fierce approach that was. My my… I'm impressed, but where did you learn all of that? Because, not saying if it really is true or not, but it's all speculation. There can be truth in what you said but might not either. I'm sure you’ve come in contact with Marlowe's past from various sources to put up such a fight. However, the principal of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ still applies – even though the accusations and his death raised a lot of questions, we don't know anything for sure. More so, we are discussing his contributions to literature, not his personal life. Now I'm sure you've already formed a strong dislike for Marlowe, but don't let it get in the way of your judgment, Manabu; keep your eyes open for anything and everything.”

For the rest of the class, Manabu kept his jaw tightly clenched together and sending occasional death glares towards the good-heartedly speaking lector. As the class ended, he was one of the first to leave, hurrying outside the massive complex of buildings the university was. Riding the train home, he didn't even listen to his iPod nor really acknowledged people around him.

When he finally reached the shoebox of an apartment he lived in, he stubbornly sat on his bed, legs wrapped under hi and glaring at a spot on the wall before his stomach loudly complained over the lack of food it was given. Sighing, Manabu got up to find some leftovers from the previous day to heat up. After that, he headed back to the bedroom and sat on the window sill, a steaming bowl in his hands, watching down at the streets three floors down. It was raining. Frowning, he tried his best to forget the incidents that happened during the day, especially a class with a certain young lector with charisma and a voice that made chills run down Manabu's spine even when thinking about it. Groaning, he finished his dinner, and after checking the locks, took a dive under the bed covers. Unfortunately for him, the rain kept beating against the window, keeping him awake, so to avoid doing something stupid, he opened the window, and sat there, smoking, before he finally felt tired enough to have a proper sleep.

“Manabu, my boy, how did you sleep tonight?” an arm landed around his shoulder as soon as arrived at the local coffee shop just around the corner from the college building. Reno, grinning from ear to ear, led him to their friends already occupying a table at the far end of the room. Before they even reached the others, they were noticed, and before he could even say hi, Manabu was greeted with a…

“Run, Manabu, while you still can!” Masato cried out, startling the boy. “For your own sake, RUN!” Receiving a stern look from the staff, the boy quickly shrunk back down.

“Now now, Maa-tan, it's not like you to complain when helping out a friend,” Reno scolded and poked Ryouga who raised his eyes from the papers currently in his hands. “Make room, Manabu needs something to write on!” Ignoring a huff coming from the brunet, Reno pushed Manabu down and handed him a handful of papers of his own and a pen. “Help out a friend here, Bu?”

Shaking his head, Masato threw a quick look at the black-haired boy from across the table and shook his head. “I told you to run…” he muttered.

Next to him, Manabu heard a grumble. Yuji, apparently a bit grumpy that morning, glared at Reno with unhidden annoyance. “You come here, and first thing in the morning, you make us do a goddamn survey. Not to mention you had a whole month to pass them out for random people but skipped off and make us fill them on the last minute.”

His smile stretching into a grin, Reno shrugged. “If anyone asks, you don't know me.”

Rolling his eyes in amusement, Manabu grabbed the pen before it could roll over the edge of the table, and turned his attention on the survey. Reno's main subject being human psychology, it wasn't anything difficult; just lots of multiple choice questions, nothing too shallow or too personal. Finishing the survey some ten minutes later, he handed it back to the light-haired student. “Done.”

“Thank you,” Reno took the papers and put them inside a folder he usually carried around. Turning to Yuji, he winked. “See, Yu-kun, friends help friends out and don't moan about it.”

Yuji, not even bothering with a reply, only rolled his eyes. “Whatever. Oh, speaking of school-stuff, didn't we get a new lector yesterday? Rui-something. Anyone got any classes with him already?”

Wrinkling his nose, Manabu was just about to stay out of this conversation when Takeru popped up, seemingly out of nowhere. “Rui? I saw him yesterday, running around the place like there were giant caterpillars chasing him or something.”

All eyes (minus a certain black-haired boy) turned at the theater student. “Giant caterpillars?”

“Well... Shut up. I saw him yesterday, though. A friend told me he was some kind of a literature-fanatic. Don't know anything more. Hey, didn't Manabu take old literature classes?”


“He did, yeah,” Yuji looked thoughtful. “And didn't he have a class on it yesterday as well?”

Now being in the center of attention, Manabu flinched. He didn't enjoy being put in the spotlight much. Opposed to Takeru who could prance around without a care in the world, crying out lines from plays on the spot, Manabu was more reserved and definitely less eccentric. So when he was cornered, everyone looking at him for answers, he did the only reasonable thing.

“I've no idea what you're talking about.”


“Okay, so what do you want me to say?” Manabu glared. “That he's a laughing moron? Unqualified to talk about classic literature and arrogant enough to miss it when a masterpiece hits him in the face?”

“Ouch,” Masato imitated being bitten.

“That's a bit harsh, don't you think?” Ryouga finally spoke, raising an eyebrow. The brunet rarely spoke, but to compensate, Reno talked twice as much. Manabu glared.


“Oookay?” Masato drawled out, looking at the other questioningly. “Dare I ask what crawled up your ass and died?” Getting nothing but a growl as a response, he shrugged. “Bu's PMSing.”

Rolling his eyes at the comment, Manabu gave up and sighed. “I just don't like him, okay? Let's just drop it.”

“But what about your future classes with him?”

“I… guess I have to just… bear with it…?”

And so he did. For the following weeks, Manabu sat in his literature classes, wriggling with discomfort but forcing himself to sit still and pay attention to the subjects. He barely spoke, answering only when asked and rushing out amongst the first when the class ended to his safety. He made sure not to look at the lector straight on, feeling uncomfortable during the times such thing happened, and avoiding any other contact other than his classes.

Leaving the building complex in search of his friends during one of those lazy afternoons, Manabu took the usual shortcut they used that ran through the main building corridors. Walking with no hurry, he watched other students happily chattering and passing by when his focus elsewhere, he bumped into something. Or, someone. A soft ‘thump’ and a little moan indicated the other person had fallen over from the collision.

“Oh, I'm sorry,” a familiar voice spoke, and lowering his gaze, Manabu frowned.

“Takeru, where are you going with that?” he pointed towards the big cardboard box the blond had been carrying before crouching down to help the other collect the things that had fallen out due to their collision. “You can barely see over it!”

“I was taking it to the props room, thank you very much,” the smaller pouted but smiled a second later. “Do you always walk with your head in the clouds or are you in love?” Hearing Manabu choking at the question, Takeru shook his head and picked up the last few papers, placing them neatly inside the box again. “Just kidding, just kidding. I'm just gonna take this away and then meet up with you. Everyone's at the park, yeah?”

“I think so, yes,” Manabu nodded, and sending the blonde off again, he was just about to turn left to a different corridor when a very specific voice reached his ears. Stopping in an instant, he pressed himself against the wall behind him and held his breath.

”…kind of troublesome. Any disturbances with out students lately?”

“No, not that I can think of. Well, some people do have a strong opinion already set in, but I encourage free thinking. I just talk to them, suggest they try to see things from another perspective. The responses have been good so far.”

“That's always nice to hear. I'm just so grateful you could come and help us out, since Miss Fuyuko left in such short notice due to her condition.”

“No problem, and I'm delighted that you accepted me here, even though I'm not done with my degree yet.”

As the voices became distant, Manabu let out the breath he was holding. That was a close call, and he thanked his quick reactions for remaining unseen the very last second. So this guy didn't even have a certificate to teach, huh. Even though he felt like he should be gloating, he didn't. Something inside held him down, a voice saying to keep his cool. But what surprised him more was when the voice started teasing him. Looking down at his hands shaking, he frowned. This was definitely wrong. Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, he stomped to the nearest exit and headed towards the park where he expected to meet his friends to make plans for another upcoming weekend.

Arriving, he was greeted by chatter and laughs. Nodding as a greeting, he sat down on the grass, waiting to catch up with the talk. Takeru had arrived only a few minutes before, so Manabu wasn't at least the only one missing some information.

Some twenty minutes later, the group parted ways to prepare for the evening. The usual gathering at the local club in mind, Manabu went home, preparing a light meal for himself. Then, as the time to leave got closer, he dug through his closet to find his jacket in case it rained later on. It was still warm outside, but the late nights could get chilly easy. Combing his hair for the last time, he threw a quick glance at the mirror in his hall cupboard, something that had been there before he even moved in. Ready to leave, he checked for his wallet, and locking the door behind him, headed for their usual meeting place.

Arriving at the pub twenty minutes later, he spotted his friends at the counter, already ordering drinks. Making his way there, he took a glance at his watch. It was quite early, and Wednesday nights, there were small bands and performers trying to make a name for themselves. On the small stage at the other end of the room, some people were already preparing the instruments. There was enough time until the performances were to start, though, so relaxing in the company of people he knew, he looked around the place. The tables were already full, but knowing well enough how people came and left, he was sure they'd have a table to themselves sooner or later. Sitting at the counter, chatting and having a drink was good enough at the moment.

By his third glass, Manabu was feeling rather merry. Only a bit ago, they had moved to a vacant table. On the stage, a band was playing. This was proving to be a good night.

As the band finished their set, they thanked the audience and moved backstage. Leaving for a refill, Manabu returned to find a scene which he wasn't quite expecting.

It was a common knowledge that alcohol loosens the senses. When intoxicated, people are more open towards things and can act much differently compared to how they behave during complete soberness. This was one of those examples.

Reno, almost lying on his back on the sofa, Ryouga towering above him, exchanging kisses and touches that switched between soft and rougher, hands roaming under the other's clothes. The pair seemed oblivious to their surroundings and company, or they simply didn't care about such trivial things. Moans and soft hisses coming from the two, Manabu was sure they were enjoying themselves.

Excusing himself for the second time during the ten minutes time with a chuckle, Manabu returned to the counter.

He didn't mind that the two were ‘busy’ with themselves; he had seen glimpses of the attraction between them before, but just not so open. And even though he knew they were both drunk, he was sure they knew what was happening and didn't object. Others were dancing, chatting up new acquaintances or taking it easy and enjoying the show. Of course, Manabu wasn't embarrassed about how much into each other his friends were, but the least he could do was to give them some privacy, even though it was a public place. Sipping his beer, he snorted, inwardly laughing about how different the night had turned out from what he had previously assumed.

And judging by a familiar tingle running down his body as his ears caught a sound he didn't know to expect, it was about to get even more different.

Five seats from him, a familiar figure sat, leaning on the counter and chatting with the bartender. Wearing a pair of dark jeans and a white jacket, his cursed literature lector was, enjoying the conversation and occasionally sipping his drink.

Cursing under his breath, Manabu turned away and emptied his glass. Why him? Why now, of all the places and times? Demanding another refill, Manabu sat rigid, sulkily drowning his drink. It was hard to ignore the shivers, though, and he hated his weakness. What made him more annoyed was when the other man laughed the same light, carefree laugh he had done often before, each time causing the black-haired boy choke on breath and wish he was far from there.

He didn't hate the man. He hated what the man was capable of doing to him without even knowing it.

Glaring at the cheerful figure, Manabu sighed. Forcing down the uncomfortable feeling, he drowned the last of his glass, ordered what he claimed as the last one for the night and paid the bill. Getting up, he slowly made his way towards the other end of the counter, coming to a halt in front of a certain someone. Coughing, he prayed he'd have the strength once he was spotted. “Good evening, sensei.”

Turning his attention to the newcomer, Rui smiled widely. “Manabu, right? Enjoying yourself as well, I see. Do have a seat, please. What seems to be the problem?”

Smiling wryly, the black-haired sat himself down again. This was harder than he thought. “I… I'm here to apologize, actually.”

“Huh?” Rui looked confused, a blank look plastered on his face.

“I realize I was being a nuisance for the past weeks. I want to apologize for that to make amends. So, I'm sorry…” Fidgeting, Manabu looked down. This was surely an odd place and time for that, but it had to be done.

“Oh.” Still confused, Rui looked at the boy in front of him. It was a long moment of silence, but soon, he slowly nodded. “Okay. I accept your apology-“

“Even though your choice of favorite authors is shit.”

Another moment of silence passed between the two before Rui's lip twitched and biting his finger, he giggled. From under his bangs, Manabu also grinned. Not a complete truce but a possible beginning of one.

“You're horrible,” Rui laughed good-heartedly, calling for the bartender. “But interesting. I'll buy you a drink if you stop dissing Marlowe for one night. Oh, wait! You are legal to drink, rite?” When Manabu showed him the glass he was holding, the lector visibly relaxed. “Please forgive my rudeness, but can you… not tell anyone what I just did? Once they hear a teacher bought alcohol to their students…” he paused so the silence would carry a meaning. When Manabu pursed his lips and shook his head, he relaxed again. “Thank you.”

“Don't mention it…. Hey, can I ask you something?”

“Sure, I guess. What do you want to know?”

Leaning back against the counter, Manabu took a sip. “How did you end up in this college?”

Shrugging, Rui answered. Actually, he answered quite a few questions, since Manabu had another prepared before Rui finished answering the previous one. As time passed with easy-going chatting, Manabu barely had looked at the clock and when his phone started vibrating in his pocket, he jerked from the sudden surprise. Reading the incoming message, he raised an eyebrow. Texting back a reply, he shoved the device back in his pocket. Next to him, Rui's tongue was far from tied, and laughing when the said man told him about an incident involving a cat and his coat dyed yellow, it was obvious the young lector was drunk.

“-and then I had paw marks all over my back, can you believe it? I still like cats, though. Wait, I own a cat!” Raising his finger in his happy discovery, Rui looked like a kid. Shaking his head with a small laugh, Manabu finished the drink the other had bought him and got up. Rui, watching him with curiosity, slid down from his own stool as well and standing in front of the black-haired, grinned widely.


“Drunk,” Manabu deadpanned. Watching the lector's feet wobble as he tried to walk straight, he rolled his eyes. “Come one, let's go.”


“I don't know yet but air will do good for you.”

“Oh. Okay. I have a cat, by the way. Maru. Do you wanna see my cat?”

Stopping dead on his tracks, Manabu slowly turned around. Rui, smiling stupidly, stared back. Having a strange staring contest for the briefest few moments, Manabu wrinkled his nose and grabbing a hold of the elder's arm, dragged him out from the pub onto the streets.

“Do you remember where you live?”

“Ya, not too far from here, just across the town hall, that way,” Rui pointed towards where Manabu knew the way to the airport was. Steadying the man next to him, he set his steps to match the poor intoxicated soul and walking in a slow pace, he patiently listened to the instructions on where to turn when a street crossing came into view.

After what seemed like at least an hour, Manabu finally reached in front of a tall apartment complex building which Rui admitted was where he lived. Luckily the man had sobered enough to understand where he was, Manabu thought before helping the other up the stairs. Reaching the needed floor, they stopped to catch their breath before the door to Rui’s apartment. Staying quiet for a minute, Rui finally lift his eyes from the floor and shyly scratched the back of his head.

“Um… Not that I don't appreciate your trouble for helping me out, I don’t usually drink like that at all, but…” Words coming out with a stutter, Rui bit his lip. “I don't know if it's best for you if you came in. I… um… My place, it's small and… I understand if you'd want to leave...”

From his spot, Manabu snorted. “You think mine's better? Shoe box, I tell you, shoe box. But if you want me to go…?”

“No, not that. I, um, didn't have much time today to clean it so it's kinda messy…”

Laughing at the other, Manabu found himself more certain that Rui had been displaying himself before as he was outside school gates. “It's okay. Do you want me to come in or not?”

“Yes.” Looking away, Manabu caught a glimpse of a light blush on the other's features. Smiling, he pointed towards the door.

“Open the door, then.”

“Oh. Right.” Pulling out the keys from the pocket of his jacket, Rui clumsily unlocked the door and stepping in first to turn on the light in the hallway, motioned the black-haired to follow. Kicking off their shoes, they found themselves suddenly in the presence of another soul. Sitting few feet away, a tabby examined them, golden yellow eyes observing every move the males made before walking up to Rui, rubbing itself against the lector's feet with a purr and leaving again.

Watching the cat leave the hall, Rui chuckled to himself, earning his companion's attention. Still merrily, he waved it away. “It's nothing. Maru likes to know who entered her territory, is all.” Receiving a subtle nod, he continued. “I know it's late, and offering you coffee is a cliché, but would you like some?” As Manabu nodded again, he motioned the younger to follow, and all it took was four steps. Rui really did live in a tiny place, the dark-haired concluded. Speaking of which, the elder had already set the kettle on the old-fashioned gas stove. Sitting behind the table with Rui sitting on his opposite, Manabu started feeling just how tiny the place was. Not that his place was much bigger but still. Excusing himself, the dark-haired left for the bathroom which Rui pointed out to be the second door from the left.

Staring at himself at the mirror, Manabu's insides were spinning and turning. The whole place didn't leave much room even for breathing already, and the male outside made it only worse. Manabu had lost all count on how many times he had had to suppress the tingles their walk ‘home’ had caused, closely pressed together for support; it was frustrating, annoying and most of all, messed up. Rui was still drunk, less than before, but still… The best thing to do was to suffer through the damn cup of coffee and leave as quick and politely as he can. Giving a hopeful look to him mirror-self, Manabu left the small bathroom.

Outside, Rui was sitting on the small chair at the window, a cigarette between his lips, seemingly enjoying himself. Upon hearing his guest re-enter the room, he changed looks between the boy and the cigarette before finally lowering it. “Sorry if it bothers you, I can put it out.”

Sitting back on his chair, Manabu gave a lazy wave of his hand. “It's okay. I didn't know you smoked.”

Grinning back almost devilishly, Rui stuck his tongue out. “There's a lot you don't know about me.”

“Oh please,” the dark-haired snorted, “you're drunk, live in a shoe box located ten minutes away from the town hall. And you have a cat,” he added as the said feline wandered into the kitchen, eying the two men.

“True.” Leaning back on his chair, Rui switched off the gas when the kettle on the stove signaled the water was boiling. Taking two cups from the dish holder and pouring the water in them, he added some coffee powder in there before moving the cups towards the window so they'd cool down a bit. “Anything else?”

“Not for now.” Shrugging, Manabu pulled out a cigarette of his own. “Mind if I…?”

“Nope, not at all.”

Smoking in silence over a small kitchen table in a very small kitchen, the men found the silence actually calming. Finishing the cigarette, Manabu turned his attention back to the other male and picked up his coffee. “Hey, you sober yet?” His own buzz had left earlier, but Rui had been drinking a lot more.

“… No.” Looking Manabu straight in the eyes, Rui seemed to think of something when all of the sudden… “HCK!” Covering his mouth with his hands, Rui looked terrified. Raising an eyebrow, Manabu's lips slowly stretched into a wicked grin. “HCK!”

The following minutes Manabu spent all over the table, his laughter growing more hysterical by each hiccup Rui produced. The latter himself let out weak whining sounds between the hiccups, a strong blush coloring his cheeks with a tint of pink.

“S-shut up!”

Still giggling, Manabu got up to wash the cup and place it back on the holder. Bowing lightly, he found himself eye to eye with the other again. Staying like that wasn't the wisest option but once he caught the other's eyes staring back, he couldn't move; it was like he was stuck and time stopped for him. It may have been a second or a century, it seemed like a loop. Their faces hovering dangerously close to one another, the men stood still before one of them dared to move. It was barely an inch, but when they realized their distance was closing in, they snapped out of it, and both jerking backwards again, Manabu fell back onto the chair he was previously occupying.

“Sorry. Didn't know what I was… Sorry…” Rui mumbled, refusing to look at the other. Manabu, stealing last glance at the other, got up and started backing away.

“I should better go now…”

“Yeah,” Rui agreed, eyes glued to the table in front of him. It took Manabu less than a minute to get his shoes back on and leave the tiny apartment.

Standing in the hallway and catching his breath, Manabu wasn't sure what just had happened. It was something surreal, impossible! And yet, something inside him burned. Should he leave and suppress the shivers that ran up and down his back like he had successfully before? Should he pretend like nothing happened?

Staring blankly at the kitchen wall, unmoving, Rui didn't dare to think. But then again, not thinking had gotten him into troubles before. This one took the grand prize, though. “Stupid,” he muttered to no-one. “Stupid, stupid, stupid.” Yes, sure, he had enjoyed the conversations but to even dare to think anything above that… “Idiot,” he cursed out loud. He was still drunk, but sober enough to think clearly.

When the doorbell rang, Rui didn't move. When it called for him for the second time, he chose to ignore it. But when the bell rang for the third time, demandingly, he sighed and got up. Maybe Manabu had dropped something before he left? Dragging his feet to the small hall, he opened the door and before he even knew what was happening, found himself shoved backwards inside the room again.

Before he could even think of protesting, wet lips pressed against his. Arms pinning him against the wall behind held him in place as a body pressed against him, sliding an inch upwards as if someone was now standing on their tiptoes. A hot mouth with a clever tongue tasting of an unexpected mix of cigarettes, alcohol and peppermint, devoured any complain he might make. Dazed and confused, Rui didn't fight at first as he was caressed and touched, but as he tasted something else on the tongue playing with his own, something he remembered being the taste of the cheap coffee he bought, his eyes snapped open, and trying to wiggle away from the grasp, he almost knocked down the coat hangers hanging on his left. “Manabu, stop! W-what are you doing?” Panting breathlessly as he finally managed to peel off the other, he looked support from the cupboard on his left.

Only the street lights illuminating the two from the windows in the other room, Manabu stood, chest heaving and lips wet from the saliva they shared in their kiss. Eyes shining back in the dim lights, he leaned back against the wall behind him and swallowed. “I… I'm…” He looked embarrassed, Rui noticed as the boy glanced at his feet. But as he raised his eyes again, the determination threw the elder against the wall, hard. Biting his lip and smirking, he sounded calm as if nothing out of the ordinary had just happened “I'm doing what I want to.” And with that, he moved to press against the elder again, cornering the other easily. Lips ghosting just above the others', he stuck his tongue out, the tip slowly sliding against the lector's bottom lip.

Taken aback, Rui didn't find it in him to protest; this behavior the younger was displaying was something he never had ever expected. And yet, he fell limp to the ministrations, knees giving out under him and finding it hard to stand straight, he had no choice but to press against the wall behind him and pray he didn't fall over. Gasping when Manabu gently bit his lip and tugged at it, he tried again: “S-stop… This is… I'm your teacher! This,” he openly had to swallow a low groan when the devilish tongue was now tracing patterns on his neck, teeth nibbling at his skin “…is wrong…”

Whether he actually meant to reason the dark-haired into ceasing the teasing, he wasn't sure himself either, because when the boy before him sank to his knees, he could only stare down, eyes wide open as Manabu, still wearing that devilish smirk, teasingly slow, rubbed against his crotch. Legs trembling, Rui made a last futile attempt to push the boy away but instead, let his hand rest on the youth's head, fingers digging into the soft hair and nails scraping the skin when Manabu reached his zipper.

Still busy with tormenting his newfound toy, Manabu really didn't mind the twist of events. Undoing the zipper of Rui's pants was easy; forcing himself to stay sane enough to pull this thing through was another. If it wasn't for the small gasps and groans, he'd stop like being told. He'd get up and leave. He'd tell himself he was a fool, only a disillusional fool, and the tall figure above him a cruel terrorist in it for the laughs.

Despite the little fact that Rui didn't know about his condition.

As he calmed his inner struggles down, Manabu actually felt some sort of a peace, and daring to look up as he pressed his palm against a very obvious bulge in Rui's pants, he couldn't help but to smite at the sight – the elder, pressed against the wall, eyes tightly shut and lips parted, soft, pleased whimpers leaving his mouth. For a split second, their eyes met and Manabu felt electricity run through his whole body; it was a powerful feeling, making the boy feel alive, more alive than he had been feeling before. His stomach and lower region reacting to the sparks that flew in his mind, Manabu stared back before turning his attention to something else again.

Pulling out Rui's cock from the confinement, Manabu ran his finger over the flesh, applying only very little pressure; he hadn't even begun. Becoming more daring, he took the organ firmly in his hand and stroked it, instantly earning whimpers from above. The insides of his own pants coming alive, he leaned forward, his lips ghosting above the head, and after thinking about what he was about to do for a quarter of a second, wrapped his lips around the organ.

In actuality, he had pictured the situation very differently. Okay, he hadn't pictured it in any way. It was odd that this man, this particular guy who he could barely put up with, was now towering somewhere above him, making those lustful sounds ONLY because it was him, Manabu, doing these naughty things to him. Eyes closed, Manabu took his time to play with the man.

Tiny murmurs of appreciation leading him on, Manabu released the cock from his mouth, replacing the light sucking with tickling it with his breath again, his tongue darting out. The tip brushing against the sensitive skin, he let it lap at it. Barely an inch away from the tip of the penis, he smirked to himself before letting his tongue touch against the most sensitive part on the other's body, easily sneaking to rub against the opening before making it's way back to the base only to swirl up again.

Looking up from his position, Manabu almost chocked on the sight.

Rui, hand still resting buried in Manabu's hair, was blushing, the pink on his cheeks visible in the lack of proper light. Breathing heavily, he seemed to be finding hard not to move his hips forward to meet the dark-haired halfway. Eyes hazed over and almost shut, he peered down from between the lashes and meeting a wide-eyed look sent back at him, for the first time ever during he had first met the boy, cursed.

Trying to stay still, Manabu had to shut his eyes tight; the curse alone made him physically ache with excitement. Up until now, he had been hanging on the pleased murmurs, but it proved to be insufficient – he needed more, and was getting impatient. Fixing their eye contact again, Manabu decided it was time to make himself known.

Looking up, straight into those dark orbs that seemed so far away, Manabu pressed his weight on the other, his arm forcing the young lector not to buck out. Teasingly, he let his fingers reach under the shirt that had been tugged out a while ago, before Manabu even had a thought he’d end up in a crammed apartment, giving a member of the staff of his college a blowjob. While his fingertips drew patters on the exposed skin, the dark-haired let go of the cock in front of him, positioning himself closer to the other and finding balance again, grinded himself against the other's leg. While never ceasing the action, he leaned back in, lapping at the elder's cock before taking it into his mouth again, this time letting it rest on his tongue while fighting back the gag reflex, sucking it few times before relaxing his throat and swallowing it.

What happened next was a blur.

Rui's grip tightened, a guttural groan echoing off the walls. It became hard not to buck out and fuck the willing boy in front of him in the mouth. Involuntarily, he tried, though, and meeting the damp wetness greeting him back when Manabu didn't seem to even try to wiggle away but instead pushed closer, he had to curse out loud again. Seeing his cock slide in and out of the boy's mouth was something so vile, so perverted, but he couldn't look away. And the look in the other's eyes, almost daring him to do something about it… Growling, he grabbed onto a fistful of hair and yanking the boy away, stifled a whimper when cool air brushed against his erection. Tossing the boy onto the ground like a rag, he towered above him, his breathing resembling of ragged pants. Looking composed had vanished on him already a long ago. The same could've been said about the dark-haired who now lay down, still in a position he had landed in and peering up at the elder from under his bangs, hair messed up, lips slightly swollen from his previous actions and the collision ripping a small cut in there, tiny trail of blood ready to drip down his chin. His eyes, though, still smirking, dared him forward.

The sight alone made the insides of Rui's pants twitch.

Releasing a low growl, Rui told sanity to fuck off. Going along with gravity, he let himself collapse on the boy, hungrily engaging himself in heated, needy kisses. Tongues chasing, his hands roamed over the fragile form of the boy, his mouth devouring the whimpers and his tongue licking away the blood. There was something unexceptionably erotic about the action, he found out, and slowly, ran his tongue over the other's lips again, hoping to find more of the red liquid. Beneath him, Manabu reacted, arching himself to press against the elder, begging for attention. And if there was one thing Rui was sure of, the boy would surely get all he was asking for.

Grinding himself against the smaller, he bit his lip, trying to take full control in this, but seeing and hearing Manabu whimper and lean in to his touches, his mind blanked. Primal urges kicked in and before he knew it, he was a goner.

Feeling the hardness of Rui's cock press against him, Manabu almost cried out. He was hot, bothered and extremely horny, and making out in the small hall was becoming a mood killer. It was too cramp, too dirty; he really had to get himself together. He had to be firm.

Catching his breath to push the elder off of him, Manabu had to use all of his strength and willpower – Rui, currently attached to his neck, sucking the skin and nibbling, was too busy to even notice the push. So, using his whole body to shove the dazed fool away, Manabu managed to gather his limbs from under the other while Rui watched him with a dumbfound expression. But before the look in his eyes could turn into confusion or disappointment, Manabu leaned in again, catching the lector off-guard. His breath brushing against the other's lips, Manabu tried his best to sound sexy.

“Not here.”

“Oh.” It was all the man said before raising his hand towards a door not even two feet from them. “There?”

“Perfect,” Manabu purred, leaning over the other to push the door open and then crawling over the elder. Turning around, he raised an eyebrow. “Coming?” He barely had a chance to see a flicker of movement before he found himself pushed backwards, landing on a bed in an equally tiny bedroom. Rui, ravishing his skin, pulling his shirt up to touch more, was lost.

While enjoying the treatment the elder was giving him, Manabu managed to wiggle out from his jacket, knock off his boots and undo the button of Rui’s pants. As the obvious hardness rubbed against his leg, Manabu let out a whimper and pulling Rui by hair to face him, he gasped. “W-wait.”


“Condom? Lube?”

“Oh.” It seemed Rui was capable of producing one-syllable answers. Looking like in (dazed and confused) thought for a few seconds, the man finally focused back on the one beneath him. “T's been a while… I don't…” Crawling off Manabu, Rui looked around the small bedroom. “Hmm.” Crouching in front of the tiny night stand that held the position of a miniature bookshelf, he dug in the drawers before coming up with a pleased grin. “Found 'em.” Looking almost predatory, he launched himself back onto the boy on the bed, purring low when coming in contact with the other. Hands reaching to touch, to feel more, he tugged at Manabu's shirt, silently asking it to come off. Manabu complied. Pulling the shirt off, he tossed it over his head, not caring much where it landed. Pants were unbuttoned, wiggled out from, meeting the same fate. Both now almost naked, the men shared a glance, eyes roaming all over the naked flesh on display before the last pieces of clothing were removed.

It was Manabu who took the initiative. Rolling over, he planted a kiss on Rui's lips and reached for the lube to have it nearby when the time came. One hand reaching his own cock, he wrapped it around the erection, slowly stroking the member, quietly moaning to himself. Peeking at the lector from between his lashes, he watched, enjoying how Rui's eyes were glued to his every move. He was tempted to ask whether the other wanted to have a touch as well but pushed the thought back; it was going well already. Flicking the cap open, he poured some of the substance on his fingers, smearing it to warm it up better. Then, fingertips drawing circles on Rui's stomach, he smirked. Laying back to lean on the pillow, he let his fingers wander over his thighs, painfully slow, nails drawing lines until he reached his balls. Gently rubbing them before reaching his cock again, Manabu moaned. It was becoming hotter by the second, even though the cool breeze coming from outside through the open window brushed against his skin. His senses were heightened, his mind alert. Carefully, he teased his hole before starting to insert the lubed fingers to stretch himself.

Whether it was Rui taking in everything he did or his own excitement mixed with neediness, Manabu found it rather easy to slip a finger inside, adjusting to the intrusion and soon after adding another. Scissoring his fingers, he made only few lewd movements to please himself in other ways. But what made him gasp and almost whine with want was when he noticed the lector's cock, up and pre-come leaking out from the top. The man himself was twitching, apparently having difficulties trying to stay still. Sliding the third finger in, Manabu shut his eyes tight, imagining that hot piece of flesh working inside him, ramming him hard.

Fingers curling inside him, Manabu threw his head back against the pillow; for something so new to him, he was actually enjoying that kind of a new approach in giving himself pleasure. Final stretching finished, he rolled over onto his stomach. His lips found Rui's cock again, and with delicate touches, he held the organ between his fingers. Feeling blood pulse through it, he lowered his head to lick the pre-come off, at the same time looking up at the other through his bangs.

The low groan that came from above sent shivers down Manabu’s groin. The sound alone was raw, animalistic and thick with want. Before Rui could react, Manabu placed his hand on the lector's chest and pushed him back, amusedly shaking his head. It wasn't the time yet. Mashing their lips together, Manabu reached for the lube once more, making sure it was nearby. Then, using his body weight again to dominate the elder to fall back, he smirked; it was almost too easy. Tearing the folium open, he pulled the condom out and distracting the other with a kiss, rolled it on Rui’s cock, fingers gliding over the rubber once it was fully set in place. Crawling on the elder's lap, Manabu shivered from the excitement and rocking himself against the lector, almost purred. Lastly, grabbing the lube, he made a show out of letting his fingers run down his abdomen before coating the lector's cock with the slick substance. The small tube was sent flying over the edge of the bed as soon as he was finished. And forcing himself to relax more than he ever had in his life, Manabu lowered himself onto the awaiting flesh.

It burned. It hurt like he was being split in two, and it was nothing like he ever dared to assume. Fingers, may there be two of three, were NOTHING like a full, pulsing piece of hard flesh inside you.

On the verge of biting off a chunk of his lip, Manabu let himself fall against the other's chest, quivering in wordless torment, nails digging into the palms of his hands and breath coming out in sharp puffs.

In Rui's defense, Manabu was eternally grateful the other stayed as still as possible, something he hadn't really expected from the lector's intoxicated state. But there he was, also quivering from the sensation and yet, gently trying to calm the smaller down by muttering soothing words and tracing invisible lines on Manabu's sides. For that alone, the boy would have kissed the lector, had the movement not threatened to break him in two.

They stayed like that for a while, Rui carrying on his ministrations, before Manabu dared to finally make a slightest attempt to actually move. It still hurt but not as much as before; he was adapting to the situation. Shutting his eyes tight, he lifted his hips before coming down again with a gasp. Trying it again with more determination, he bit his lip again, this time smothering up a squeak that was threatening to spill. The third time he repeated the action, he let his hands fall limp on Rui's back before gathering his strength and pushing himself off from looking like a rag. Shifting his weight and position, a groan from below echoed across the room. Glancing down, Manabu met with glazed eyes and with no warning, felt himself being shoved upwards before coming down only to meet Rui thrusting up to meet him halfway.

This time, Manabu screamed.

The sensation, the friction, it was too much to take in this soon and just to make sure his scream didn't go to deaf ears, Manabu clawed the other's chest, wordlessly begging him to wait just a bit more. If this was going anywhere at all, it would either be under the direction of Manabu, or not be at all. He was already sure the move had ripped some blood vessels open.

Panting heavily, Manabu briefly wondered why he was so weak; he had gone this far already, so what was stopping him? Had he not tormented himself for weeks enough?

The answer came to him as a revelation.

"Speak," Manabu ordered and shifted his weight, forcing the other look up at him.


"Talk to me," Manabu repeated, raking his nails down Rui's chest, successfully bringing out a hiss from the male.

"About what?" Rui sounded honestly confused, as if the dark-haired boy's on/off actions weren't easy to read in the first place.

"Anything. Doesn't matter, just talk to me..." His hand going down to touch himself, Manabu closed his eyes. As words began to fall from Rui's lips, he started slowly rocking himself again. Scenes from their classes played behind his closed eyes, and not having to hold himself back anymore, Manabu chose to just go with the flow and enjoy himself.

One of Rui's hands steadying his hips, the other reaching up to play with one of Manabu's nipples, the boy could only let out a shaky gasp at the action. Taking things slower than before, it became easier for him to relax. The flow of words ringing in his ears and the teasing, his mind drifted away, giving way to those tiny bolts of pleasure crawling up his spine and limbs, filling him with warmth. It wasn't anything he thought into too much, it was only the heat of the other body against him, waking the most primal urges. Groaning when his nipple was squeezed, Manabu threw his head back. Their bodies found a rhythm to fall into and gradually, as skin touched skin, their moves became more heated, more needy.

Had Manabu cared to think, his rational side would have explained him all the things he felt as he was pushed up again only to come down and to meet Rui like before. He didn't, though, and the sensations that exploded now were indescribable. Getting into the rhythm, he rocked himself faster, begging Rui to go harder.

Without a warning, he was suddenly tossed off the other's lap, a whine escaping his lips as a protest as Manabu landed on his back on the other side of the bed. Why did the lector forbid him the simple pleasures he had given him until now? As an only answer, the mentioned man was there, kissing him in almost a chaste manner before positioning himself again only to enter Manabu and continue where he left off.

Instantly allowing himself to be taken like that, Manabu's hands went to pull the man closer. Sweat forming on their bodies, he allowed the other to pound into him. Groaning from the intensity of the feeling, the boy shut his eyes tight. Above him, Rui was grunting like an animal as he kept the pace, occasionally letting out whimpers when Manabu moved to meet him halfway. Words still spilling from his lips, the lector's speech was a mess, but Manabu picked up some words every now and then; he was fairly sure the man himself spoke automatically - when before, he had marveled Manabu's 'soft skin' and 'wonderfully magnificent body', he was now making it obvious he really did like fucking the boy, and a lot, if judging from the curses and profanities he was letting out. It never bothered the boy, though, as the words and the timber shot right into his groin, making him mewl and arch up at the touches.

One his his arms pulling the man close enough for a sloppy kiss, Manabu's other hand reached for his neglected cock, pumping the flesh to meet Rui's speed.

And the world exploded.

With a cry, Manabu arched off the bed, his mind shutting off the rest of the world. He could no longer see nor feel anything around him; he was drifting in a pool of ecstasy. Somewhere outside his perfect state of pleasure, he heard Rui growl hoarsely and then softly sigh before slumping onto the body beneath. Still refusing to open his eyes, Manabu guessed he wasn't the only one drifting in the intense waves of the mind blowing orgasm that had just hit them both only seconds apart.

He must've drifted off at some point because when he opened his eyes, the room seemed lighter; the Sun would be rising soon, he guessed. Looking around, there was an odd silence hovering about. Rui had rolled off of him at some point, and when Manabu threw a glance at the man's direction, he could see him lying there, still dead to the world. Rolling his eyes in mild amusement, Manabu carefully got up, biting his lip to hold back the pained hisses his lower back caused him. Forcing down any sounds he might make, he looked around the tiny apartment. There seemed to be no shower to wash himself. With a sigh, Manabu collected his clothes and dressed himself again; he'd have to grab a shower the first thing he got home.

Pulling his boots on, he grabbed his jacket, ready to leave when a peculiar sound caught his attention. Soundlessly making his way to the bedroom again, he leaned against the door frame. Rui was still fast asleep, stark naked under the mess of thin sheets. There was a light snore coming from him and Manabu had the fight the oncoming snicker. He almost jumped when Rui rolled over to his other side, though, making it clear it was time for him to leave. Glancing at the sleeper for the last time, Manabu smirked. This lector was surely something interesting. It'd be a shame if he let this event be forgotten...

Quickly writing his number on a piece of paper he found fallen off the night stand, Manabu placed the paper onto the night stand, making sure it would be one of the first things Rui would see once he got up and hurriedly left the apartment.

He'd thrown the bait in and Rui had fallen in the rabbit hole. It was purely on the lector now whether he called Manabu or not, or more likely, whether he dared to not call the boy. He was a teacher, after all.

Manabu found himself actually looking forward to his next literature class.
Tags: !band/artist: screw, #pairing: rui x manabu, *rating: nc-17, -genre: smut, =type: oneshot, ~fandom: j-rock
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